Kingshuk's Macro Projects

Our All Macro Projects Description are below:

  • One Of SOBAK Office

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Mother program of Kingshuk to involve mass people in the society & popularize cooperative concept through out the country. Kingshuk Samabaya Bikash Kendro (SOBAK) is The Mother project of Kingshuk. SOBAK is a Microfinance/Microcredit activity for its members. Nearly 50,000 people are member of it. Mr. Nazmul Huda is Project Director & Taj Mohammed Nazmus Sakib is APD of SOBAK. Three Zones maintaining 25 branches.


  • Kingshuk Abason

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Housing program to fulfill the need of lower & middle income level group by providing apartments & housing plots. Kingshuk could accommodate hundreds of family in the apartment projects & distributed thousands of plot & Flat Also. It’s a Housing & land project of Kingshuk. Housing for every class of our society is the main motto. Mr. Md. Ali Baten is the Present Project Director & Md. Abu Taher is the APD of Kingshuk Abason.


Protect our air pollution. Change the enviornment, save life. Kingshuk CNG FillingStation Situated in Mirpur – 2 (Bus Stand, Main Road) Mr. Ashraf is Project Manager of Kingshuk CNG Project.


Our School is a symbol of our corporate social responsibility. Because we are allocating a huge subsidy to run it. The present Head Master Mr. Abdus Samad is a highly qualified person, by his able guidance. Kingshuk Participatory High School has done a good result at the secondary Exam.

Continue grow up the world temperature which is jeopardy for stay. Kingshuk Greenhouse Nursery builds up for Climate control & Civilization prearranged in the world. Itís a great stride activity for modern globalization. Today the Kingshuk Greenhouse Nursery is pollution less Climate control Project. Dusts tray become flower stand itís the first theme for Kingshuk Greenhouse Nursery. Itís established June of 1996 in front of Kingshuk Cooperative Main Office. Firstly invest amount is 5000/= BDT for little tree plantation. Today itís extensive on allover the country. Kingshuk Greenhouse Nursery acquire 9 times national prize for contribute Climate control. Greenhouse means Green lamp for human. Kingshuk Greenhouse Nursery launch various type of tree likes as flower, Wood, Fruit based tree plantation. Cactus, orchid, Lotus, Rose, etc are available here. Now 50 workers are work in Kingshuk Greenhouse Nursery project.

It’s a tousling project to promote Eco – Tourism. Land has been purchase at Saint Martain and a modern setup will be implementing soon. Just after getting necessary permission from Concerned Authority of Republic Government of Bangladesh Mr. Miron Hussion is the incharge of this project.

An effort to enrich human being by knowledge & wisdom. Academy has it own library, meeting space, modern Computer lab, learning place for all.

Samabaya Bazar is a great achievement for Kingshuk. Itís a like social project for every class of person.