our projecs

Here two type of project in Kingshuk. All are effective project in our society who bring & solve our economic Crises. Set our mind for savings which every time supports you as an economic Crises free society.

Kingshuk, the Co-operative Society, started operating in the year of 1987 & was registered in 1990 under the Co-operative Act of Bangladesh under the preview of “Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives”. It is one of the leading co-operative societies of the country, playing a model role in different sectors of co-operative in coordination with the government body.

It works to develop the socio-economic status of the people with the depositor’s money in a socially responsible manner. It involves all classes of people of the society through small savings program and creates investment opportunity by implementing different types of viable business projects. Gradually Kingshuk is spreading over the rural areas of the country by copying its ideas and concept about modern co-operative. Kingshuk believes. “Not only micro mredit but also micro project is the key to the economic development”.

Established in 1987 at Monipur in Mirpur area within the city of Dhaka,Bangladesh. A team of 7 college & university students initiated Kingshuk Movement by depositing BDT.350 Initially 7 teams, each consisting 11 members, finally shaped up 11 teams consisting of 121 members to lay the foundation under the leadership of a team leader.Few local abundatn lands and ponds were cultivated initially to develop the team spirit and generate fund.At present more than 1,50,000 members around the country, Kingshuk having more than 3000 permanent workforce. There are 6 macro and number of micro projects. There are few social projects in operation. Present wealth is around BDT.30 billion.

Our Slogan:

"ollective efforts for individual development."

To establish co-operative as a key factor of economic and social advancement of the country and to present Kingshuk as a model for subsequent development of the sector.

Print & Electronic Media Coverage:

Kingshuk Greenhouse received National Award in both National Brikko Mela & National Flower Exhibition several times
Kingshuk received President Award in 2001 as a smooking free organization on the occasion of “World Tobacco Day” organized by ADHUNIK CAT.
The Kingshuk Bahumukhi Samabaya Samity Limited has been awarded with the highest award in the Co-operative sector “The Prime Minister Gold Medal” in 1995 for his remarkable  contribution in economical activity of the country through co-operative.

Recognized model of Kingshuk in the co-operative sector, Creator of self-employment opportunity & Motivation for the educated people, accepting co-operative as a profession.

Socio-economic development of the society, empowering low-level income group, balancing social inequality, Create employment opportunity & materializing collective effort.